Domain I

Antarctica, the white continent. Vast, wild but extremely fragile. The coldest place on our planet is also one of the most affected by global warming and needs to be protected. 

The expedition focuses on exploring, documenting and surfing the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, specifically the area called Domain 1, which is promoted to be declared as a Protected Marine Area.

Protected areas are very important to mitigate climate change and in this case, to also regulate human activities such as concentrated fishing. This film will help to understand the importance of this area and the threats that affect this region.  The film will also promote a petition to push the worldwide conservation of the area.

Antarctica is the only continent that belongs to humanity as a whole, and it’s our responsibility as inhabitants of this planet to take care of it.

mapa dominio 1

The Antarctic Peninsula (Domain 1) Marine Protected Area proposal includes 2 zones: a General Protection Zone and The Krill Fishing Zone.

The first zone covers two biologically rich areas (the Bransfield and Gerlache Straits) and would prohibit krill fishing in the coastal foraging ranges of Antarctic predators.

Whilst the Krill Fishing Zone would allow for commercial krill fishing for member nations, managed under CCAMLR’s conservation measures. CCAMLR is working to advance ecosystem-based fisheries management to ensure the long-term survival of the fishery and protect the numerous species that depend on Antarctic krill.