A 22 months anthropological expedition in the African Continent.  Two brothers travel in a 1985 former military ambulance from Spain to South Africa. 
The aim is to encourage horizontal human relationships through an unprecedented surf exploration and exchange of cultures in this diverse and endless continent.
The scars left by colonies, civil wars and contemporary social inequality, political instability and exploitation of resources make the continent one of the most intense in the world.
From now on, Africa will set the rules.

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A Feature Documentary 

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Duration: 112 min.
11 International Awards


Production: Gauchos del Mar
Directors: Joaquín Azulay / Julián Azulay
Screenplay: Diego Fio / Joaquín Azulay / Julián Azulay
Colour: Julian de Luca
Edit: Leandro Ferrer / Julián Azulay
Sound direction: Emiliano Monsegur (Quetzal Sonido)
Music: Choripunk

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