About Us

Our Story

We are two Argentinean brothers who were lucky enough to be born in a family with tradition and passion for surfing. Julian Azulay was born on the 28/01/1986, he graduated as an architect at the University of Buenos Aires and went to work in U.S.A.  Joaquin Azulay, a year younger, was born on the 11/08/1987.  He is a former professional football player who graduated in Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires.
In 1963, our Dad and three of his friends became surf pioneers in Argentina. We grew up watching Mom and Dad’s love for the ocean.  Motivated by our passion for surfing, adventure and nature we started what became our life journey on July 8th 2010 after leaving California with the dream of surfing and camping through the American Continent on our way back home to Argentina.

Now we are trying to inspire people through our documentaries