A South Atlantic expedition (in production)

The Gauchos del mar brothers explore the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), a 700 hundred islands archipelago, aiming to unite and to construct bridges through sports and nature, in this case through surf and the ocean.
After the 1982 War/Conflict, the islands have been a very delicate subject.  This project goes for the human side and the construction of peace.
Without any intentions of reopening wounds from the past and politicize the expedition, they seek to explore an unknown region.  They go on an expedition for 50 days sharing cultures and looking for waves on foot, in a 4×4 truck, in inter-island planes and on a sailboat. They manage to explore uninhabited islands and are surprised by the natural beauties that compose them: their coasts, their landscapes, the flora and the local fauna.
They find out that there are two local brothers who also surf and what they want to be able to share some waves with them. They just want to build a human bridge and make new friends as they usually do in their adventures.

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A Feature Documentary  (on production)

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Production: Gauchos del Mar / Caudillo Cine
Producers: Joaquin Azulay, Julian Azulay, Diego Amson
Directors: Joaquín Azulay, Julian Azulay, Fernando Salem
Screenplay: Joaquín Azulay, Julián Azulay, Fernando Salem
Edition, Color and Effects
Production Director: 
Sound Director:
Music Producer:

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