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Africa is the least explored continent and people say is the last place to be discovered surf wise.
We feel a strong attraction for every connotation it represents and therefore we will explore and surf the whole perimeter of the continent in two years.  Leaving from Europe towards the Southern tip of South Africa and along the Indian Ocean through the different cultures, languages, villages, people and lifestyles.  We will interact with local communities and share our simple living philosophy. We are going to show AFRICA from its roots, from every corner and village, talking with native people, showing the life they lead and sharing their different cultures as valid and different options from the systems in which we live in cities today.

Watch African Territory Trailer:

2B6A5916 para portada africa

A Feature Documentary  (in production)

Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English


Production: Gauchos del Mar
Directors: Joaquín Azulay / Julián Azulay
Screenplay: Joaquín Azulay / Julián Azulay
Sound direction:
Music production:


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